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biOrb Parrot Feathers small

biOrb Parrot Feathers small | biOrb Accessories

biOrb Parrot Feathers small

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Brand: biOrb

SKU: OAB55078


  • Use these colorful silk & plastic parrot feathers plants as background foliage in your aquarium.
  • Design inspired by the parrot plumes of the Central American jungle.
  • Compatible with Freshwater/Saltwater/Tropical aquarium set ups.

Inspired by the colorful parrot plumes of Central American jungles, these colorful plants fan out to create a striking display. Complemented with a dense deep purple and orange budding plant.

What's In The Box

  • 1 biOrb Parrot Feathers small 
  • - Includes two plants in each pack


6.69 x 1.57 x 7.09 in.